Not much to say here but yesterday I was given one of those moments of clarity that can only come from and eight year old. I was at Mum’s with my niece, Daisy, and Darcy and the girls were looking at the photos on the wall when Daisy asked who was in the picture with Darcy. What unfolded was one of those candid conversations, the ones that adults avoid at all costs. Darcy said it was her sister Tilly, and Daisy looks a bit puzzled and asked where she was was. So Darcy told her. She is Dead. Daisy asked why she died, and I explained that she had a very poorly brain. Then she asked if I we had her with us for just one day and when I said that it was for four weeks she simply said ” I suppose that’s nice, that you got to meet her, isn’t it?”. And do you know what? She was right.