Well, my leg has let me down and I will not be running next weekend (well not 26 miles anyway). I feel absolutely gutted, it’s so frustrating to get so close and then to be tripped up by such a minor injury. So, I have entered the New Forest Marathon in September and will be dragging a few people along to join me (mostly for the half I think). The good news is that St.George’s are happy to hold my place for next year, so now I’ll have no excuse for not running a sub 4:00!

For me, it has been about so much more than just running the marathon, the date is significant to me. Last year the marathon was the last weekend that Tilly was with us and I remember one of the nurses from the ward, Sophie, running. Running has given me focus and also some quiet reflection time which has been really helpful to me and for the last two weeks I’ve been a bit lost without it.

This week I will be easing myself back into my training, with my goal moved a bit further ahead.