Now, I know that no one will ever say I am lucky. I’ve lost a baby. But I know that that’s not the norm, that the vast majority of pregnancies & births have the joyful outcome we expect. I know that Tilly had excellent care and that everything that could be done for her, was done for her. If her condition could have been prevented or cured it would have been. Comic Relief highlights that there are places in the world where this doesn’t happen, where loosing a baby would be unusual. Still heartbreaking, just more common place. The the price of two coffees in Starbucks, a life could be saved. A frightening reality.

People have been supportive of our cause, and tonight we’ll support this one. I also thinks this highlights how lucky we are, that our children don’t die needlessly and that we have the latest medical care, right on our doorstep.

Sometimes you just have to appreciate what you have.