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Does heaven have a Christmas tree
for the little girls and boys
too far away for santa’s sleigh
to reach with treats and toys?

A tree that’s hung with moonbeams, stars
and real shining angel hair
for the precious little children
who live in heavens care?

And are you filled with wonder
at its branches, all aglow
with tears of those who miss you
on the earth, far down below?

For we hope and pray you’re playing
with the angels, having fun
but please don’t forget, we love you
Happy Christmas, Little One


I know it’s been a while since I last posted but after falling our with Talk Talk and bad weather preventing broadband installation we are finally up and running! Lots has been going on. We had the fundraising Pirates & Princess party for Matt ‘Ginge’ Sainsbury’s 30th, where we raised £250 pounds each to St.George’s PICU and Musgrove Park Hospital NICU. Once I get myself organised I will (maybe…) post some pictures. Mum’s recipe books have been going down a storm and £300 has already been added to the total. Auntie Gerry also ran a stall at the Christmas for St.George’s and raised a fantastic £185, she was helped by Jennie and Jo and many other kind people who kindly donated things to sell. Also, along the way we have raised money through the Christmas tree festival in our local church; the Ilminster Belles chior performing for family and friends and genrous donations made by family and friends.

So, all I have to do now is run. 26.2 miles.