Well, it’s gone a bit quiet for a week or two while we recover from the toddle…especially Joseph with his 5 laps! Just thought I would write a few lines on what’s happening at the moment.

Well, the running total currently stands at £1740.40! That’s amazing, so thank you for all your support. There will be more opportunities to donate over the next few months or you can make a donation through http://www.justgiving.com/tillysmarathon.

I’d like to thank a couple of Sian’s friends who have donated, KellyBees Tagees donated 50p from every Tagees that was order for the week after the toddle and raised £16. And another friend is having a ‘Pampered Chef’ party to raise money in November. It seems my cause has touched lots of hearts.

I am still waiting to hear from my cousin Jennie on how much she raised along with her friend, they lost an amazing 17lbs each in their sponsored weight loss and Jennie looks amazing!

Mum & Dad are in Ireland with the campervan but will pulling together the recipe book, which you will be able to buy, on their return. It will Probably be available from early November.

Matt’s birthday party will be our next event, we’re doing a few things to raise money at this. I am still looking for Raffle prizes so any donations great fully received. Matthew party will also raise money for the neo natal intensive care unit at Musgrove, where Mia spent two weeks when she was born and had Strep B.

Hopefully by the beginning of November we will be back living in Somerset so my training runs will be through the rolling country side…