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So, we are good to go for Saturday, we’ve got runners, walker, toddlers and (according to Auntie Gerry) waddlers! We are hoping that the rain will hold off and we can enjoy the picnic and cakes as the kids do their stuff (and some of us grown ups too).
Today Darcy and I went to St.George’s fundraising department (along with my friend Nicky who can for moral support) and met the lovely Maribel who gave us a few goodies and some more tins to rattle so bring your pennies! Although it was difficult going back, it made me think of the AMAZING work that the staff on PICU do and why we are doing what we are doing .
Even if you are not joining in, please come along and show your support for the kids and the hospital. One thing that Tilly being in hospital bought home to me was that we take these types of services for granted and don’t really appreciate the incredible work that goes on behind closed doors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Well, I finally went to see the physio this morning! Mostly because I couldn’t move my head yesterday but I though I might mention my achilles too. Apparently it has been decided recently that achilles tendonitis is a bit of a myth and achilles pain is normally due to wear and tear. Oh, and it takes about three months to resolve, but the good news is….although I can’t run for a bit (didn’t mention next week’s mile but hey ho) I should be fine for a spring marathon on as long as I do my exercises.

New trainers, physio, 2×15 calf raises on each side at least four times a week and we should be good to go (maybe with a bit of running eventually too). Going to swim & cycle in the mean time to keep my fitness up, perhaps I should see if I can find a good personal trainer 🙂

So with Tilly’s Toddle just two weeks away our fundraising should get off to a good start. I think that the picnic will also be an oppotunity to get together and remember Tilly. I think our angel baby will be watching over us and be proud of what we’re doing.

If you would still like to get involved please get in touch, I think we still need a few more mile volunteers. Sian is going to try to persuade the Mayor to do a lap but the more kids we can get the better!

Any cake donations welcome please. Pauline Parson’s has kindly offered (!!!???) to be in charge of cake sales.

Keep in touch 🙂


On the 1st of September, at Ilminster recreation ground, Sian will be hosting Tilly’s Toddle. A relay marathon run, walked or toddled by our family and friends. We will also be having a cake sale, face painting and a picnic!

If you would like to join in the toddle with your little one, just let me know and we can add you to the list and I will e-mail you a sponsor form or you can just join us or the picnic and buy a slice of yummy cake. We are hoping to get people to bake the recipes they have put forward for our recipe book.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a sunny day & hope that I can run my mile!

So, the running has started again this week, all be it very gently. The new trainers seem to be very comfortable so hopefully with tender care & sensible training my achilles problem will not persist.

This morning Darcy wanted me to read ‘Tilly’s books’. The stories we have to help darcy understand what has happened. It always breaks my heart to read them to her, but it is somehow reassuring to know that she still thinks of her baby sister.